13th of June 2018 – Bodrum, Mugla, Turkey 13:30

Struggles, choices, living the life…

I have been out of a job for a while now. And I feel OK with it. I don’t seen any point in working, apart from making someone else some money. I don’t like the feeling of “I need the company, I need the income.” Yes, it is nice to be paid on your services. But, for the fuck’s sake, it is the company who is earning money from my efforts.

That is why I am mostly pissed at companies. The idea of salary comes from Roman times, which is coming from the word salarium, which is coming from salt. In essence, the money the Roman Empire is giving to its legions were used to buy salt, which was very crucial to preserve food at those times. So, company is paying me some currency for me to buy salt. To put food on the table.

Wait a minute….let’s go to the semantics here.

Corporation is the group of people who runs a company. Corporation comes from the word “corp,” which is body.

Company is coming from companion. It is said that it is coming from the military, meaning a body of soldiers. So, company means the association of individuals.

Manager is coming from “manus,” meaning hand. Managers are the hands of the body, giving a hand to others, guiding, showing.

So, body of soldiers are giving money for buying salt to the hands. All of these guys forms a corporation.

I had a discussion with a law graduate friend of mine about the reasoning to have corporations/companies as separate civic entities in front of the law. I did understand later, how it is useful for business. Main issue is, by making corporations a legal entity, we also take human out of it. Corporations should mean people coming together to do some work. Today, it is “we, salary men, are working to make money for the big boss, who only decides.” Andddd, I don’t like it. Corporations exist because we exist. I am not begging for a job. No. I have skills. I am selling my skills. I want money for those skills, because those skills will allow the corporation to have more money. I am the multiplier.

At the end, people who enter and stay in corporations are tumorous cells. They go in as seemingly healthy cells. They are not exceptional, same as the one next to it. Then, they start to go bad. They don’t function anymore. They slow down the system. System doesn’t recognize those cells, because it thinks it is a part of them. Cancerous cells produce the proteins that fool the immune system. At some point, that cancerous cells spread around the body. And they take over. Body cease to function properly. After a while, whole body and the cancerous cells die.

Problem with cancerous cells is that they are suicidal. It is not like viruses, who want to multiply itself. When the host dies, it continues with other hosts. So, it is easy to identify viruses. But cancer is tough. When companies hire people who can quickly turn into cancer, now that is problematic.

The solution to cancer? Stem cells are said to be one. What are stem cells? Stem cells are these fundamental body blocks that can turn into any cell type. So, hire more stem cells. Cells that can function in multiple trades. I mean, Jack of All Trades type of people. They can keep your company stay afloat.

Hire stem cells. Not the cells that are looking like specialized. Hire stem cells, so that they can be everywhere when there is need. It is more effort, but less toxic in the long run.

And, stem cells can be young or old. Do not fix yourself on the newly graduates. They can also turn into cancer. Look for the older ones, who are experienced to transform itself to multiple of functions.

That is my analogy of cancer and business world. Next step: Pink elephants…



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